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Eva's Art

22 July
Hello. I've decided to use this as mostly an art journal. There will still be some of my everyday ramblings, but it'll be minimal, and it won't be very personal. There will definitely be some art rants, though, of course. You can still see some of my art in my regular journal, kamotz, but this is a less personal journal, and it'll show more things like scribbles and doodles. It's friends-only, but only because I want an idea who is viewing this.
3d animation, 3d modeling, 80's music, ace of base, acrylic paints, acrylics, alanis morisette, anatomy, animals, animating, animation, anthropomorphic art, anthropomorphics, anthros, art, art tutorials, artists, atomic kitten, avril lavigne, big cats, bipedal anatomy, bipeds, black panthers, books, boykrazy, bristol, britney spears, camping, canine anatomy, canines, caracals, cats, cels, charcoal, computers, cougars, coyotes, critiques, deer, digital artwork, disney, dogs, don bluth, doodling, drawing, eagles, eighties music, eva ligeress, evanescence, falcons, feline anatomy, felines, fine art, finland, flash, foxes, freehand, friends, furries, furry art, german shepherds, graphite, hawks, hilary duff, horses, howling, human anatomy, huskies, iceland, illustrator, insanity, inspiration, ivana spagna, jackals, jaguars, jungle cats, kitties, leopards, life drawing, ligers, lightwave, linkin park, lions, lithographs, lynx, malamutes, margays, me, meezers, michelle branch, modeler, movies, music, mutts, nature, norah jones, ocelots, oil, oil paints, oils, oncillas, painting, paints, panthers, paper, pastel paints, pencils, photoshop, photoshop 7, pit bulls, prismacolor, prismacolor markers, prismacolor pencils, prismas, puppies, raptors, reading, rush, scandinavia, servals, shading, shannon curfman, sheryl crow, siamese cats, sketches, sketching, snow leopars, stories, stylus, svalbard, tablets, tigers, tim burton, traditional animation, wacom, wacom graphire 2, wacom graphire 3, wacom intuos 2, wacom tablets, watercolors, were art, weres, wild cats, wild dogs, wildlife, wildlife art, wolves, writing,